Our Plastic-Free Packaging

Our Plastic-Free Packaging
I’ve been formulating non-toxic deodorant long before it was popular. I’m elated that it has taken off and so many of us have made the switch. But, we have more work to do.
I've been told that our Natural Deodorant Balm is hands down the best they’ve tried. Yet, some folks have such an aversion to touching their armpits that they opt for brands that use plastic applicators regardless of the environmental implications.
We’ve got to do better about this. Our selfish attitudes toward the Earth and each other is not helping to create a sustainable world for our future generations. Hell, it’s making it real hard for this one we’re in right now.
Our blind use of plastic is literally choking the life out of the ocean while we toss our single-use water bottles out the window on our way to the fancy seafood restaurant. Only then to complain about the quality of the fish.
I don’t blame you for wanting convenience. The ability to needlessly throw things away has been spoon-fed to us as a sign of wealth. “I never wear the same underwear twice”, “oh just toss that out because I have plenty more”. This attitude has to shift, lest we shift ourselves right out of a habitable planet.
ALL formulations from The Healing Place Apothecary are recyclable and 90% of our containers are plastic-free. Our deodorant comes in a tin jar accompanied by a wooden applicator stick for easy application. Just rub the Natural Deodorant Balm in like a cream.
I do hope you are taking the time to regularly exfoliate and moisturize your armpits…aka touch them. Your whole body needs attention and care.
We celebrated Earthday this past weekend and I thought this message important to highlight. If we all do better we can all be better.