Harness The Power of Summer

Harness The Power of Summer

Summer is by far my favorite season.  It's the time of year when the sun is at its highest and the day is longest. It's so full of life, creativity, sunshine, fresh fruit, and of course, all the great outdoor festivals!  Summer is the season filled with abundant energy, long days and plenty of sunshine.  According to Eastern Medicine, this is the yang time of year when expansion, growth, activity, and creativity are at their peak.  I encourage you to let your creativity flow. 

Healthy skin and hair begin with a healthy diet. Summer provides us with many choices. Use plenty of brightly colored summer fruit and veggies.  Cook lightly and add a little spicy, pungent, or even fiery flavors.  This heats the body and promotes sweating to cool the body down and aid digestion. Steam, stir-fry or quickly saute over high heat to avoid losing valuable nutrients. Use less salt and add more water in your diet to stay hydrated in the summer heat. 


FRUIT: Watermelon, apricot, cantaloupe, lemon, peach, orange.                       

VEGETABLES: Asparagus, sprouts, bok-choy, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, corn, white mushroom, snow peas, summer squash, watercress, seaweed, mung beans, spinach.

HERBS: Cilantro, mint, dill, watermelon rind, lavender, sage, chrysanthemum.

Enjoy, Nubian