Are You Moisturizing Right?

Are You Moisturizing Right?


Whether moisturizing your face or body it's important to always hydrate the skin first. After cleansing apply water-based solutions like our Rose Hydrating Face Mist and serum of choice. Immediately follow up with Daily Greens Moisturizer.

You can also make your own emulsion by spraying a pump of the Rose Hydrating Mist in your palm and adding a dab of moisturizer and mixing together. Then apply to your damp skin.

Unlike most cream based products, our Daily Greens Moisturizing Face Cream is a highly concentrated and "water-less" formulation. It is best applied by hydrating first to allow maximum absorption of the nutrient dense oils.


This method reduces the amount of product needed and helps the moisturizer easily absorb into the skin surface for a soft dewy glow.


This combination can be found in our Hydrating Face Kit.