Rose Water Hydrating Mist 1oz

Rose Water Hydrating Mist 1oz



Hydrate, refresh and tone your face and décolletage with this premium-distilled rose water to maintain youthful and dewy skin. The scent is divine and gently aromatic. Rose water is mildly astringent and balances the skins pH. Together, with cooling watermelon extract, it acts as an anti-inflammatory mist to soothe irritated or sensitive skin.A summer ‘must have’ to cool skin on hot days at the beach or pool. Beloved food grade glycerin is added as a light moisturizer. The smell is intoxicating and the Rose Hydrating Mist can be used as relaxing aromatherapy mist or linen spray.

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INGREDIENTS: Water, Rose Damask, Rose Bulgaria, watermelon, glycerin, and radish ferment.

DIRECTIONS: As a facial toner, liberally mist face and décolletage and gently pat the face mist into the skin. Follow up by placing a dab of our Daily Greens Soufflé or Daily Fruit Balancing Face Oil into the palm of your hands and apply the mix to your damp face, décolletage, and gently around the eyes.  Always apply moisturizers to DAMP skin in an upward motion.

– Tones and tightens
– Smooth’s and brightens skin
– Balances the skins pH
– Calms irritated skin/acne
– Heals sunburn, and rashes
– Soothes capillaries
– Improves circulation
– Refresh and soothe the scalp
– Refresh scalp and add shine to dry hair

Other Uses Include:
– Aromatherapy mist to soothe, relax and improve mood swings
– Cooling fragrant mist for hot weather.

SIZE AND PACKAGING: Comes in a beautiful frosted glass bottle with plastic sprayer and cap….PLEASE RECYCLE or REUSE

STORAGE AND USAGE TIPS: Store in a cool dry place and use within 18 months.  If ingredients separate due to prolonged sitting, shake well and use as usual.

DISCLAIMER: Products and product information are not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any medical condition. If pregnant or nursing, please consult your physician before using products containing essential oils.

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