SPRING CLEANING: Cleansing vs. Fasting

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Cleansing vs. Fasting

"The word "fast" itself indicates an important feature of a fast. It signifies a speeding up of the cleansing and renewal process by slowing down the normal digestive routine. "Cleansing" is a relative term. It generally means the purging of toxins and residues we have accumulated by using too many building foods (those rich in fats and proteins which build tissue most rapidly).

A common assumption is that quicker cleansing is better, and most people interested in quick results want to use very rapid cleansing methods such as fruit and vegetable juices. Although the quicker methods can be valuable therapeutically, we have found that the slower, milder fasts with selected whole foods foster a consciousness of patience and a faith in the wisdom of living with gentler cycles. Such fasts can bring remarkable healing to those who lead stressful lives." – an excerpt from Healing with Whole Foods

Please remember you can fast from many things other than food to get your mind clear on your intention setting; e.g. social media, TV, talking and anything that would give you cause to focus on your goal. I hope you take advantage of this opportunity to prioritize your self-care. Happy Spring Equinox!

Author: Nubian Flunder