Love and respect yourself enough to make self-care a top priority

Look into your own eyes, how do you feel about yourself? Learning to Love the self is vital to optimal health.  Most of us know the basics to healthy living but, without this first step none of the others can work and, one may find healing a daunting task. Take the time to make yourself a priority. 



Forgive Everyone

Holding on to anger and resentment can lead to serious illness.  Forgiveness heals and makes you strong and receptive to positive healing outcomes.

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Keep A Positive Mind

Raise your healing vibration with the thoughts in your mind. Keeping a positive outlook allows you to easily flow with the twists and turns that life presents. Think more positively about what you want to see in your atmosphere, life, body and watch it unfold. Be gentle, kind, forgiving to yourself and never accept unhealthy criticism or negativity from anyone ( including yourself).

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Create a Health Care Network of Support

Step back and assess your health and create a network of practitioners and physicians to support your health needs.  I suggest a primary care doctor, naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist, herbalist, chiropractor, massage therapist, life coach, fitness instructor, dentist, therapist and any other specialist that you might need.

Do not abandon your medical support just because you find an alternative approach. If there is no urgency then give your self healing a chance to work, but if you need urgent treatment, take it. Talk to your doctor about what you are doing.



Exercise Regularly

To be healthy you must exercise, it really is as simple as that. Failure to or an inability to exercise will inevitably bring on health problems. I strongly recommend trying to adjust your lifestyle to naturally incorporate exercise as part of your normal life.  The more you exercise and the more powerfully you exercise, the better you will feel and you will also experience a thrilling boost to your natural energy levels. Remember to only exercise within your abilities, work up to it slowly. If you have any kind of medical condition, seek medical advice and support before undertaking exercise.

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Eat More Fruit and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and essential enzymes that our bodies need to function properly, be healthy, strong and full of energy to accomplish our daily tasks.  They also provide fiber which is important to prevent many diseases including stroke, constipation, and heart disease.

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Drink more water

As water makes up between 70 and 90% of an adult's total body weight, regular top-ups are needed to balance the loss of water from the body in the form of urine and sweat.  Without regular water intake dehydration can set in causing such symptoms as headache/migraine, fatigue, constipation, loss of concentration and kidney stones.

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