EXFOLIATION is a wonderful way to brighten and smooth rough and dry skin, increase cell turnover and improve the overall health of the tissue. Exfoliation increases blood circulation, collagen production, and detoxification from the skin surface. By removing dry skin cells, you encourage the body to produce new new, healthy, plump skin cells.

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells that collect on the outer surface of the skin.


• Detoxification of the skin 

• Brightens the complexion 

• Sloughs off dead, dull skin cells 

• Reveals healthy, younger skin 

• Reduces fine lines and sun damage 

• Sloughs off dead skin cells

• Increases blood circulation and cell turnover

• Softening

• Reduces hyperpigmentation to even skin tone

• Helps to prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs

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  • BOTANICAL BODY SCRUB: This body scrub is moisturizing but not greasy so it wont leave you, your shower or your plumbing clogged with oil. Brightening lemon, invigorating ginger, nourishing oats, moisturizing coconut and other botanical synchronize to leave you feeling moisturized, invigorated and ready for the day.

  • PIT SCRUB: A powerful ally to prevent razor bumps, ingrown hairs and hyper-pigmentation from shaving, waxing and sugaring this scrub offers a unique home care solution. 

  • SKIN FOOD NOURISHING BODY CREAM - Oat Milk: Loaded with rich butters and moisturizing oils that improve the texture and integrity of the skin with each use, this decadent body cream will immediately feed your skin and leave you soft and supple.


Physical Exfoliation: Dead skin cells are buffed off with a variety of abrasive substances like salt, sugar, jojoba beads, herbs, or coffee grounds.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids: Derived naturally from fruit, milk, and sugar cane, AHA’s exfoliate and cleanse the skin to soften, smooth, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and even skin tone. They loosen the cells of the skin allowing the dead skin cells to slough off to making room for new healthy cells.

Beta Hydroxy Acid: BHA’s such as salicylic acid are can reverse the appearance of the effects of sun damage.

Retinols: Retinols, or Vitamin A, enhances the appearance of dry or damaged skin by reducing flaking and restoring suppleness.  

Enzymes: Act as catalysts for a reaction. Often derived from fruit and plants material, they unglue the bonds between dead skin cells, allowing the dead skin cells to slough off and make room for new healthy cells. Enzymes do this without disrupting your pH.

Peptides: Collagen are the proteins that keeps our skin firm. Peptides are the are the building blocks that make up proteins in our body, including the skin. Without peptides, there’s no collagen, and without collagen, there’s no defense against aging.


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