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Being an entrepreneur can often mean late nights, early mornings, missed meals, dehydration, and overwhelm. The sacrifice is real but the outcome is so worth it. I love that I’m building a solid legacy for my son, bringing wonderful self-care experiences to you, investing in the revival of American craftsmanship, and simply being the master of my own destiny. Part of the legacy that I hope to pass on is a legacy of self-care.

To be transparent, this year has presented some real challenges for me. I’ve worked hard, very hard. I’ve experienced grief with the transitioning of several family members within a short span of time. My acupuncture practice of 11 years was closed suddenly. I’ve been dealing with legal issues and some physical ones too. I’m worn out and I need, and I deserve, a break. So I’m taking one. I need to breathe, rest, contemplate, and let go.

I will be attending a retreat 10/8-10/22 but the shop will remain open for ordering. Please make note that all orders placed during these dates will ship the week of October 22nd. Regular 3-5 day shipping will resume after that date.

Thank you for your continued support.