Caring for the hair and skin in the cold is all about moisturizing and protecting against the harsh elements outside and the dry heat inside.    


1. Moisturize: Whether it’s the cold dry air outside or the dry heat inside, moisturizing skin and hair more often is a winter MUST. Choose facial balms like our Daily Greens Moisturizer over oils and creams. Replace clay masks and peels with more hydrating masks.    


2. Hydrate: Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and herbal tea. Healthy skin and hair begin inside. Don't skimp on water because it's cold. Pick up an earth friendly water bottle to carry around with you. Try drinking your water hot or keep your favorite herbal tea close by.

3. Hand Care: The hands seem to take the most abuse during this time of year. Give them a special treat by anointing them with our Raw Shea Soufflé or Skin Food Moisturizing Cream after every hand wash. Both are available in small travel sizes that are perfect for your purse or office drawer. 

 4. Foot Love: The poor feet can go unnoticed for months around this time. If those cracked heals are scratching your sheets, or your lover, exfoliate with the Pit Scrub, slather on  Raw Shea Souffle, then dawn a comfy pair of sports socks for the night. Do this for 4-5 days in a row and you'll be amazed at how your feet improve.


5. Humidify: A small humidifier can be a respiratory savior when dealing with the dryness from heaters or general chest/nasal congestion. Just add a few drops of essential oil in the water and voila! Happy lungs.  


6. Steam: Steam is a very therapeutic tool to add extra moisture in your hair while deep conditioning or giving extra hydration to your skin. Just be careful! 


7. Deep Condition Often: If you only deep condition monthly, try bi monthly to make sure your hair is getting all the moisturizing love it needs.  


8. Wash Less: Let’s face it, it's cold. Who wants to walk around with cold wet hair?  


9. Protective Styling: Protective styling involves wearing hair styles that put the hair "away" and protect it from the harsh elements and over styling that can cause breakage.  


10. Edges and Ends: If you do a lot of protective styling it is easy to forget about and neglect your hair. Remember to pamper your nape, edges and ends often with something like our Root Oil or Root Glaze. These are the most vulnerable and fragile areas for many people.   

 Stay warm and moisturize friends!