Being an entrepreneur can often mean late nights, early mornings, missed meals, dehydration, and overwhelm. The sacrifice is real but the outcome is so worth it. I love that I’m building a solid legacy for my son, bringing wonderful self-care experiences to you, investing in the revival of American craftsmanship, and simply being the master of my own destiny. Part of the legacy that I hope to pass on is a legacy of self-care.

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Autumn Equinox Detox

This season is about harvesting ALL the Universe has waiting for you and for assisting you to use this time to balance yourself and your life.

Utilize the energy of this season and fast to assist in creating and maintaining balance. Look closely at the balance in your life and shift what needs to be shifted or change what needs to be changed.

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Eucalyptus Leaf

Discovered by the indigenous peoples of Australia, it is well known to be a potent remedy for a myriad of infectious diseases that include malaria, typhoid, diphtheria, and influenza, upper respiratory infections, infected wounds, tenesmus, vaginal infections like Candida, gangrene, Staphylococcus, Shigella, Haemophilus influenza, Salmonella, and H-pylori.

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