Natural Deodorant Balm - EXTRA STRENGTH

Natural Deodorant Balm - EXTRA STRENGTH


If you’re looking for an effective natural deodorant that delivers lasting protection, I’ve got something just for you. Boosted with aloe vera and vitamin e, this formulation not only fights odor it, stimulates cell turnover to promote even skin tone and reduce hyper-pigmentation.

I developed this Natural Deodorant Balm because I was convinced that women could move away from toxic commercial deodorants AND still smell good. Let’s face it, rancid body odor is…well…antisocial. Is it not?

  • Safe: No aluminum, parabens, or other toxic chemicals

  • Effective: 6-8 hours of protection

  • Healing: Helps prevent hyper-pigmentation

  • Nourishing: Soothes and moisturizes skin

  • Extra Strength delivers a double dose of bacteria and odor fighting Tea Tree oil to combat strong body odor.

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APPLICATION: Apply a pea sized amount to each arm pit and rub it in like a cream. The product dries to a powdery finish for gentle moisture control. It’s aluminum free so you will experience natural sweating but you won’t stink. What a relief!

Freshness usually lasts about 6-8 hours with moderate activity. This deodorant should not stain, but it is oil based, so wash your clothes as usual to remove any residual product.

For strong odor you can use our Pit Scrub in the shower to slough off dead skin cells that may be harboring odor causing bacteria. Follow your exfoliation up with the Natural Deodorant Balm for all day freshness.

FORMULATION: Organic Aloe Butter, Kaolin Clay, Organic Corn Starch, Organic Arrow Root Powder, Illipe Butter, Sodium Bicarbonate, Essential Oils and Phalate Free Fragrance.

NOTE: This product contains a small amount of Aluminum FREE Baking Soda/Sodium Bicarbonate to deodorize. Although it's only a pinch, I think it important to point out that, a small percentage of the population has an allergy to baking soda and may experience irritation with any amount of exposure. If you experience irritation rinse well with cool water, apply Aloe Vera Gel and discontinue use.

STORAGE AND USAGE TIPS: The Deodorant Balm will become soft if exposed to high temperatures. This will not affect the effectiveness of the product. Simply store in a cool place until it solidifies and use as normal. In the cooler months the product may harden when exposed to cold temperatures. Simply rub a warm and clean finger in a circular motion to soften it up and apply as usual.  If you intend to carry this product around with you in your bag or purse keep it in the plastic bag that is included with the jar. Please re-use or recycle.

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