The Manifesto

Photo: Carmen Chan for Tonal

Photo: Carmen Chan for Tonal


We believe in bridging the gap between the modern world and the natural world. We believe in prioritizing our health and wellness while being chic, savvy and totally fabulous. We believe in balance and vitality.

We affirm that our dynamic cultures and traditions can coexist and collaborate into a rich tapestry of authentic love and care for one another.  We affirm diversity.

We love dinner parties, world travel, good books, exfoliating, laughing out loud, dance breaks, and gumbo. We love soul.

We desire to bring you daily self-care rituals that prioritize your unique melanin-rich skin and textured hair. We desire to see you moisturized, free of ingrown hairs, hyper-pigmentation, and eczema. We desire to see you glow.

We refuse to forget our native lands, change our names so that others can pronounce them, sacrifice our health for beauty standards that will never apply. We refuse to be ignored.

We choose to remember our grandmother's wise medicine. We choose to remember your grandmother's medicine too. We choose to demonstrate a legacy of healing for our children. We choose each other, sisterhood, and community. We choose life, love and healing. We choose you.