Rose Water Hydrating Mist 2oz

Rose Water Hydrating Mist 2oz


Anoint your face and décolletage with alluring Persian Rose Damask kissed by the cooling sweet flesh of South African watermelon. An intoxicating sensory experience that yields youthful dewy skin and an uplifted spirit.

  • Normal, Dry, Dull, Sensitive Skin

  • Hydrates

  • Tones and Tightens

  • Soothes Capillaries

  • Calms Irritated Skin/Acne

  • Soothes Sunburn, and Rash

  • Balances pH

  • Improves Mood

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APPLICATION: Our Rose Hydrating Mist can be used to restore pH just after cleansing, to set makeup, or to maintain hydration throughout the day.

Liberally mist your skin and follow up with one of our water-less moisturizers by placing a dab into the palm of your hands and applying it to your damp face and décolletage.

FORMULATION: Distilled Water, Rose Damask, Rose Bulgaria, Watermelon, Glycerin, and Radish Ferment (natural preservative).

SIZE AND PACKAGING: Arrives in a beautiful frosted 2oz glass bottle with a sprayer. Please recycle or re-use.

STORAGE AND USAGE TIPS: Store in a cool dry place and use within 18 months.  If ingredients separate due to prolonged sitting, shake well and use as usual.


“I love this Rose Water natural toner, it is refreshing and cooling to my face and… has done wonders hydrating my skin. I’m in the midst of menopause and these night sweats are doing me, but this toner is very cooling to my face and a part of my nightly routine.” – Faith on July 24, 2018

“This rose water smells amazing and makes my face so soft!” - Aimee Boucher on February 19th, 2018

“This is my favorite toner. It makes my skin feel soft and I believe it helps retain the moisture in my skin, especially when I pair it with the Daily Fruit facial oil and/or Daily Greens moisturizer.”  - Tiffany Nicole on Feb 4, 2018

"After I hit "submit" on this review, I will be placing an order for two more of these.
Need I say more?" - Superior Communication on Dec 27, 2017