Balancing Face Kit Mini

Balancing Face Kit Mini


Sometimes the face has a mind of its own and you need a little something to balance things out. Calm, nourish and balance your irritated, dull, bipolar skin with this Balancing Skin Care Kit.

These products work amazingly together and offer a simple natural skin care routine in travel sizes that fit easily into your luggage or at the ready to give as a gift.

  • Combination, inflamed, irritated and oily skin

  • Travel size

  • Gift ready

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  • STEP 1. Cleanse the face with our Liquid Black Soap Gentle Cleanser

  • STEP 2. Tone the skin to restore pH with our Daily Fruit Toner

  • STEP 3. Place 1-2 pumps of the Daily Fruit Balancing Face Oil in the palms of your hands and gently apply to your DAMP face and décolletage. Applying the face oil to DAMP skin makes the skin more available to the moisturizer allowing it will soak in easily and leave a nice satin finish.

1 Liquid African Black Soap 2oz
1 Daily Fruit Balancing Toner 1oz
1 Daily Fruit Balancing Facial Oil 1 dram

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