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It's Healing Time...

Nubian Flunder, L.Ac. - Owner

Hi, I’m Nubian Flunder, the founder and formulator for The Healing Place Apothecary. The Healing Place Apothecary is a manufacturer of plant based skin and hair care products that are rooted in holistic principals. Our products are produced locally in small batches using premium natural ingredients.

As an herbalist, holistic educator and acupuncturist of 20+ years, our formulations are steeped in holistic principals from Asia, Africa and the Americas. The genesis of The Healing Place Apothecary is the commitment to bring awareness to the immense benefits of natural beauty products that are both good for the body and for the environment.

Our brand seeks to bridge the gap between the modern world and the natural world. To demonstrate that we can prioritize our wellness and respect our planet, while being chic, savvy and fabulous. Based in Oakland, CA, we proudly use 85% eco friendly packaging and 98% natural ingredients that are sourced regionally when available.

We are excited to provide jobs and entrepreneurial exposure to local youth and people of color in an environment where quality education and employment opportunities can seem out of reach. The Healing Place Apothecary prioritizes our support of economically healthy and vital communities.